1. Hello, welcome to the official website of Jingzhou Yunlin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          About Us

          Jingzhou Yunlin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in July 2011, is located at No. 11 Xihuan South Road, Chengnan Development Zone, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. It is a professional manufacturer of series of crankshafts and other petroleum equipment accessories such as petroleum plunger pump, mud pump, cementing pump, fracturing pump, etc.
          The company has a forward-looking starting point and ambitious goals. First of all, we should strive to build a strong professional and technical team. The company has 8 technicians, including 2 engineers with bachelor's degree or above in mechanical manufacturing, 2 technicians with deep knowledge of crankshaft design and research, and 4 senior technicians with long-term work in the production line. Strong technical force has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of enterprises.
          Our company invested more than 30 million yuan in the first phase, built more than 30 acres of garden factory, purchased a number of high-end NC crankshaft production equipment, and built a modern production line with an annual output of 1500 crankshafts. We can also develop power crankshafts such as mines and trains according to user's requirements. Our products have won the favor of customers at home and abroad with their exquisite craftsmanship, fine manufacturing, exquisite quality and preferential prices.
          Our company has obtained three certificates of quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management after on-site inspection and review by Beijing Zhonglian Tianrun Certification Center. This is an important symbol of our company's strength in technology, production and management. It enhances our company's comprehensive competitiveness and adds soft power to our company's continuous expansion of domestic and foreign markets.
          We are confident that our company adheres to the business purpose of "honesty, quality, efficiency, innovation and transcendence", and always adheres to the enterprise concept of "creating brand and seeking development". With the ardent care and strong support of people from all walks of life, we will certainly make the enterprise bigger and stronger, in return for the great love of society.